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1. Is there a fee for initial services?

No! The first-2 appts are complimentary; at this point a prospective client family will choose the level of services they want and the applicable “planning fee” and “annual monitor fee”.

2. Do services and products include fees or are fees separate?

Once the prospective client family chooses their service level they have determined their fixed service fees. Once the planning process is complete and before implementation of products determined to be in their best interests and most suitable to meet their needs, objectives and priorities, any product fees are fully disclosed.

3. Why should I hire a Financial Advisor?

Because of the need for impartial, unemotional and rational decision-making; and because I recognize the need for professionally educated and trained experience.

4. How much money should I invest and what should I invest in?

This is answered upon completing the initial ‘volatility tolerance’ worksheet, the ‘risk pyramid’ and the detailed fact-finder w/ focus on guaranteed reliable and predictable monthly income, as well as the protection and preservation of assets [resources]. Not until the suitability questions have been answered through evaluation/analysis should anyone “invest” in anything.

5. How do I know if I can afford to retire?

Using a “Holistic” Retirement-planning approach that integrates all elements of retirement into one coordinated, and flexible plan, Retirement Affordability can be identified.

6. What is the difference between and IRA and a 401(K), and which should I choose?

An IRA is properly called an “Individual Retirement Arrangement” and can be held in almost any investment product. A 401(K) is a Defined Contribution Plan offered by many companies. They have a limited menu of investment choices, are typically managed by a 3rd party administrator (for a fee). Companies may offer to “match a certain % of the contributions that an employee makes. The art/science of choosing an IRA or a 401(K) or both needs to be evaluated based on the prospective family’s retirement planning objectives and time horizon.

7. How do I know if I have enough Insurance?

This can be readily identified in the diagnosis and analysis phase of the planning process. When looking at this element, it is prudent to evaluate all insurances: home, auto, life-health, disability and most important “money” insurance. [Are your retirement dollars Insured]?

8. What can I expect from you should I choose to hire you as my financial planner?

3 Key Words: Impartiality, Integrity, Loyalty and  Honesty.

9. Why should I choose you as my financial planner instead of someone else?

1-Word: TRUST!

10. What is your investment philosophy?

Simple. Be a Fiduciary; do what is in the family’s best interests. Be agnostic about products or companies. Use the most suitable tool(s) to accomplish the family’s objectives.

11. What certifications do you have? What is your education and experience?

31+ years experience as a Certified Financial Planner. Master’s Degrees in: Financial Services, Management and Business Administration. Certifications in all 8-disciplines of Financial Planning: Income, Income Tax, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Charitable planning, Estate planning, Long Term Care planning, and Longevity Planning. National Honors are: America’s 1st Retirement Advisor of the Year; “Citizen of Merit” from the Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives; and a ‘Charter Member’ of and ‘Medal of Merit’ Recipient from President Ronald Reagan’s Pres. Task Force. Prior to this career, I retired from the U.S. Air Force as a “Top Gun” Instructor Graduate; and in 1995 was chosen as: The International Air Forces’ “Navigator of the Year”.