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We knew when we learned you were a retired Top Gun that we could trust you with our lives, our money and our future. Our family and close friends know that now too. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day. God bless you.

J. & L. Desert Ridge, AZ

Alan, in 7 short months, you have guaranteed we will have a TAX-FREE future, and ensured we will be guardians to our grandson without fear of running out of money. And you did it with grace, conviction and discipline. No wonder you were a Top Gun in the Air Force. In our book, you are a Top Gun Advisor. God bless.

T. & M., Mesa, AZ

I was all alone and filled with despair till I met you. Now I’ve doubled my income (no more mac n cheese), pay less in taxes, and regained my life, my hope, my spirit. Thank you.

J., Scottsdale, AZ

In 3 short years and your help, we’re able to now live the retired life we had always dreamed. Our family also knows who to go to when anything comes up. God bless you and your family.

J. & M., N. Scottsdale, AZ

I didn’t think it possible to be alone, over 80 and live with certainty of my continued dignity. Thank you for eliminating my fears about what would happen to me and our legacy to our family. I love you.

J. Reno, NV

Alan, thanks to all your efforts these past 11 years, B. and I are comforted that our children and grand-children will have the legacy we wanted for them and totally Tax-Free. We love you.

Dr Bill. Westheimer, TX

Alan, without you we’d never have known about being eligible for VA Benefits. And, now we also pay no income taxes because of your help. There are no accidents. God bless you and your family.

S & V., Meyerland, TX

Alan, we knew the day we met you that God had put you in our lives. I know that now more than ever, with H’s death. I still have her in my heart and complete trust and calm in my future. Our faith joins us forever.

C, Conroe, TX

Over the past 10 years, you’ve shown incredible grace and patience in helping us prepare and plan for getting older. Thank you for making certain we now live without fear of running out. God bless you.

Dr. N and S. The Woodlands, TX

Alan, we retired, sold our home, moved to be closer to our family. It all happened because of you. You showed us it could be done without sacrificing our independence. We bless the day we found you.

Dr. B and S., Austin, TX

Tom and I had prayed for help to protect us against Long-term care spenddown issues due to Tom’s health. Even tho he’s passed, I am certain of my future and maintaining my independence and dignity. All due to you. I know God put you in our path. Thank you.

Ann T. Houston, TX

I came to America with nothing. You showed me how to make certain when I leave, that C. and my family get everything I worked for all my life. You increased our income, made our money grow and we paid less taxes. I know in my heart and soul we’ll be okay, thanks to you coming into our lives.

U. and C., Bellaire, TX